I don’t have any experience. Can I still join?
Yes. Many of our successful students started out having never worked out before. We customize your workout to fit your level. But we push to get you results and reach your goals.

What equipment do I need?
Just wear something comfortable. We have loaner gloves and hand wraps that you can use to start. Eventually, you will want to buy your own gloves and hand wraps which we sell right here.

I just want to join for fitness and not compete.
The facility is accessible to the average person who wants to get in shape; 95% of our students are involved in the non-contact fitness portion of the program and only 5% (or less) are involved in sparring or competition. Training to fight is optional.

Is this gym for women?
ABSOLUTELY. 40-50% of our members are women. Ask any of our women members and they will tell you that they love the workouts for the cardio and strength conditioning, as well as self-defense. Many women go on to competing.

I want to fight; can I get serious training here?
Our head trainers are PROFESSIONALS, have fought all over the world, and are current or former champions in the arts (Muay Thai trainer is the current WMC and WBC World Champion) Many professional fighters have chosen our gym over their existing ones because they can develop their full potential. The trainers have built a lifetime of connections to the fight world and are very involved in amateur and professional events. We also hold sanctioned events at our gym.

What happens in the intro lesson?
The intro lesson is your chance to get a feel for the gym: check out our facility, meet the trainers and students. It is essentially a one-on-one or semi-private session with one of our experienced trainers. The lesson will focus on the basics and will be customized to your fitness level and experience.

What is included in my membership?
Once you become a member, you have UNLIMITED access to all of our classes, and use of the equipment in between classes, whenever we are open. Our classes include Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA/Jiu-Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning Classes, and Yoga. We also have sparring and fighter training for advanced students.

What are your gym fees?

Introductory Class - $20, credited with same-day sign-up.

12 mo Contract $139/mo $99 one-time enrollment fee
No Contract $169/mo $99 one-time enrollment fee
6 months $834 $0 enroll fee $279 savings

12 month

$1428 $0 enroll fee

$339 savings

Youth MMA
No Contract $109/mo $99 one-time enrollment fee

Enrollment fee covers 2-3 semi-private lessons with a dedicated trainer, focusing on fundamentals and proper use of equipment, handwraps, billing setup.

All memberships include unlimited classes and full use of equipment & facilities in between classes. 

Muay Thai / Boxing / Jiu-Jitsu / MMA $40 / class
Strength & Conditioning $25 / class
Yoga $10 / class

Private Lessons:  $75-100 per session depending on package. Contact individual trainer for scheduling.

We are happy to offer family & group discounts.

Contact us with any other questions.