June 2012: Pablo Romo

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Pablo first decided to join PRS in February 2009 because he was interested in getting into some type of martial art, so he started with muay thai. A few months later he took his first boxing class, fell in love with it,and decided to concentrate on boxing. 

Pablo didn’t have any experience at all with boxing or martial arts before joining PRS. ”Everything that I learned about boxing, I have learned here”, says the 33 year old.

“Before joining PRS I was diagnosed with a benign tumor on the left side of my thyroid. Half of my thyroid had to be removed.  After surgery I was weakened, and I gained weight.  I looked forward to regaining my usual condition, or better.”

Pablo says “It is amazing what exercise can do for you and it is amazing what you can do when you are committed to something. I feel like a different person since I joined PRS. I have never been in this shape in my life, and I have never imagined to be competing as an amateur boxer. Aside from the training, and boxing skills I have gained with my 3 years with PRS, I am also proud of a 20 plus pound weight loss.”

Pablo looks forward to being active as much as he can and improving his boxing skills in order to compete more in the future.  He also would like to spread his knowledge of boxing to his friends and family.