September 2012: Mikey Sanchez

Member Since: August, 2010

Mikey joined the gym originally to lose weight, and get back into something he loved, but a friend of his, and fellow member of the gym introduced him to the gym. After hanging around with some of the people at the gym, they got him to attend some fights, then he wanted more than to just lose weight, he found himself wanting to start competing.

Answering the question of what keeps him coming back, Mikey says that “seeing someone who is getting better than he is or someone is working harder than he is” makes him want to work harder. Mikey says, “So when you see me in the gym working for 12 rounds that’s just scratching the surface. I was told by a wise man to ‘Shoot for the moon, but if I miss I’ll still be amongst stars‘. Overall I’m trying to be a positive influence on my three younger brothers.”

Mikey came from a very athletic background, his family always had him in sports but he thinks he got his athletic gifts from his father. “My dad had the martial arts background and put me into some of them; I think muay thai was one of them. I remember having boxing gloves around as a child as well as a baby punching bag, and my father showing me how to throw punches and kicks,” says Mikey.

“My level of fitness before joining the gym is not what you would call ideal. I weighed 311 lbs. before joining the gym. Currently I am tipping the scale at around 198 these days. Thanks to the gym I’m eating a lot better, just taking overall better care of myself and body.”

Mikey’s goals moving forward are: #1. Still keep working hard. #2. Maybe get more experience with the amateur circuit. #3. Stay hungry. One more thing is to show love to PRS which helped save me from me. Mikey also credits a good portion of his success thus far to ‘Big G’ (Ganyao, the head Muay Thai trainer), whom he says “…hasn’t given up on me and keeps pushing me; and the rest of the PRS family that thinks I’m good when I’m not, just descent!” Thank you!”