Christopher Johnson is the head Strength and Conditioning trainer at Pacific Ring Sports.  He has been a personal trainer at Club One since 2003, and is NASM, Crossfit certified.  Chris has a rich history in physical fitness and athletic background.  His father was a competitive power lifter back in the 60′s and 70′s, and growing up his family-owned gym was the first stepping-stone to his lifelong participation in the fitness industry.  A love of anything athletic from downhill mountain biking, surfing, Muay Thai, boxing and power lifting are what created his approach to fitness today.

Realizing that mainstream fitness isn’t going to make anyone a better athlete, he started to look back in the direction of power lifting, Olympic lifts, and calisthenics for his own workouts as well as his clients.  These movements recruit a wide range of muscles instead of slow, isolated bodybuilding style workouts in mainstream workouts.  By this rationale, exercise should improve the quality of life in every aspect. His belief is that there is an athlete in all of us that wants to engage in physical challenges.