Diana is a TRX/Strength and Conditioning Trainer at Pacific Ring Sports.  She is TRX® Certified, ACE Certified, a Board Certified Sports Dietician, and Registered Dietician.  She has been a trainer for 12 years at numerous gyms throughout Baltimore and the San Francisco Bay Area teaching fitness boot camps, Yoga, TRX®, weight lifting, strength and conditioning, as well as works as a dietician and nutrition coach.

In 1993, during her first year of college at Elon University in North Carolina, she took her first weight lifting class and thus began her lifelong enthusiasm for fitness.  She promptly transferred to Florida State University where she completed her degree in Nutrition. She is an avid weight lifter, Triathlete, and Ultra cyclist.  Always looking to try something new in fitness, she came to PRS in 2006 to learn Muay Thai and Boxing.  Before being a trainer here at PRS, Diana was called upon members and staff for her expertise in nutrition and strength and conditioning. Although rare, when Diana is not training, she loves to travel. She currently works for the Sierra Club leading participants to sea kayak and camp along the Na Pali coast in Kauai.