Travis grew up in Connecticut with two sisters.  He graduated form the University of Pennsylvania.  Travis holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, awarded under the Machado Brothers in 2005.  Some of his accomplishments are:

● Professional MMA KO victory at Global Knockouts 1

● 2005 Pan-Am Super Heavy Weight Champion
● 2005 Gold at Pan-Am BRAZIL vs USA
● 2005 Bronze Medal Pan-Am Brown Belt Open
● 2001 Silver Medal at NAGA’s Grappler’s Games (Super Weight/ No Gi)
● 2001 Silver Medal at NAGA’s Grappler’s Games (Super Weight/ Gi)
● 1997 Claudio Franco US Open Super Heavy Weight Champion
● 1997 California State Champion: Super Heavy Weight Division
● 1997 Beverly Hills Jiu-jitsu Open Champion
● 1997 House of Champions Super Heavy Weight

● 1997 House of Champions Open Class Champion
● 1997 Bronze medal finish at Rickson Gracie’s 1st Invitational Tournament

Travis’ approach to training others is “teaching to the student.”  That is, he teaches certain skills or strategies that work for an individual’s body type, strengths, or skill set, as well as showing things that the student is interested in. Too often he has seen experienced UFC fighters demo a move, walk off, and let the student do it.  He says the problem with that is there is no cookie cutter technique that will work for everyone.  Travis enjoys the challenges of overcoming obstacles and problem solving at his day job as a Systems Engineer, and says it is no different from the mental aspects of fighting.  Travis also enjoys BMX, skateboarding, and “other forms of hurting yourself.”