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Boxing - All Levels

Described as “The Sweet Science,” since the turn of the century, boxing is not just about using the fists. It is a science of strategy, defense, diversions, and instinct. Boxing improves fitness by building aerobic and anaerobic strength, speed and agility, muscular and physical endurance, while learning a practical self-defense. You will be engaged and motivated learning an art, while at the same time, getting in the best shape of your life.

We provide one-on-one training for first-time participants focusing on the basics.

An ALL LEVELS class incorporates:

Jump rope and dynamic stretching (warm up)
Shadow boxing without a partner, using combinations (e.g. jab-cross-hook) demonstrated by the instructor.
Partner drills – Each partner takes their turn performing the combination while the instructor provides feedback. These drills are done in timed rounds and include the use of focus mitts and a variety of boxing bags.

  • Technique drills
  • Endurance work
  • Calisthenics and cool down

Training is done without injury to participants or their partners through the use of proper equipment and protective gear.

Boxing - Advanced

This class is for those students who have built a strong foundation in the All Levels Classes and are ready to hone their Muay Thai/Boxing skills (about six months of consistent training). It is also geared toward people who already have experience under their belts. Endurance and strength-training are at a challenging level. Controlled sparring is covered so students must bring their own mouthpieces, 16 oz. gloves, and shin pads.