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Byron Green

Byron Green - Head Youth MMA Trainer

Byron Green is the Head Trainer for the Youth Mixed Martial Arts program and an Assistant Trainer.  Byron signed on as one of our first members, when the gym opened up across the street from his apartment in 2004. Owner Mike Regnier noticed his potential, and within months, Byron was winning local smokers and amateur fights.  With a couple of other neighborhood boys, Byron made up the original fight team, and got people talking about “that new gym with the raw talent.”

Byron was born in Georgia to a military parent and lived in Germany and Hawaii.  He was introduced to boxing on the base, from a teacher who once coached Heavyweight boxer Ray Mercer.  After moving to Oakland to finish up high school at Oakland Tech, he got into Dj’ing, producing music, and Real Estate.  “Learning Muay Thai and Boxing at PRS pretty much brought on a complete lifestyle change.  Aside from learning to fight, I learned the importance of discipline that helped me in other aspects of life.”

Byron became a proud father last year.  He has had to put fighting on hold but is anxious to compete soon.