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Member Spotlight - Alice Reigert

By Staff, 01/16/16, 3:45PM PST


“I am in it for the long-run! I have so much more to learn, and I am in no rush.”

Member Since: January, 2013

Alice  joined PRS two years ago to cross train for Capoeira, an art she has been practicing for 9 years.  She sought out Muay Thai to develop stronger kicks and increase cardio.  “I have stronger kicks, better take downs and more speed in my game thanks to a combination of the classes at PRS.  My Capoeira teacher now yells at me because I do Muay Thai kicks instead of Capoeira kicks.”  Although Muay Thai was her initial interest, she was quickly exposed to the other Martial Arts at the gym and gravitated toward Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which she now mostly trains.

What keeps her coming back to PRS?  For Alice, it’s mostly the trainers – “The trainers are really dedicated to their students.  I take Jay’s Strength and Conditioning class which is always a challenge – it kicks my butt every time.  But his dedication to his students and enthusiasm for fitness push me to come back every week.  Omar’s BJJ classes are always new.  I have been training BJJ for 1 1/2 years now and every class has been unique.  He adapts his teaching to everyone’s skill level and size so even if I weigh 30 pounds less than my partner, I still feel confident that I can master and execute the techniques.  The community is also pretty tight-knit at PRS.  Since the BJJ team is pretty small (although growing) I have enjoyed the team aspect a lot.  We are like a family.”

On looking back she says, “I wasn’t planning on taking it seriously and I certainly didn’t think it would be a place that I frequent almost every day.  It has really helped me be more confident with Capoeira as well.  I also just started teaching Capoeira and my classes are influenced a lot by my teachers at PRS.  I have also started to eat healthier since I want to be as energized as possible when I get to the gym.  PRS has improved my overall well-being.”

Alice says she wants to keep moving forward with BJJ – “I am in it for the long run!  I have so much more to learn and I am in no rush.  I would like to compete more because it offers a challenge I don’t get every day.  Maybe someday I can get my black belt!”

Way to go, Alice, for continuing to push your goals, inspiring us, and being a part of our community.

Member Since 2013