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Member Spotlights - Jan and Morgan

By PRS Staff, 05/04/16, 3:15PM PDT


"Training at the gym together with our friends is one of the best parts of the day."

Jan has been a member of Pacific Ring Sports since 2010. In his single years, he spent a lot of time at the gym training and learning the art of boxing from Coach Robert, which included competing in several amateur fights. In 2012, one of Morgan's best friends, Becky, also a PRS boxer invited Morgan to one of the gym's Superbowl parties. At the party, Morgan and Jan immediately took an interest in each other. At this point, Morgan was a member of a women's gym, but rarely went. After several months of dating, Jan convinced Morgan to try a few classes at Pacific Ring. While initially hesitant, she eventually became hooked on boxing.

In 2014 Morgan and Jan were engaged. In order to reach her wedding weight, Morgan upped her fitness game, and with the help of the strength and conditioning coach, Jay, lost 15 pounds. "I was able to get fit and lose weight by attending Jay's Saturday morning Strength and Conditioning Class. Working with Jay, I was inspired to push myself further than I thought was possible." After the Saturday classes Jan began writing down the exercises from the class and compiled them into a "fitness book" that the couple used to create workouts during weekday mornings.

Even though the wedding is over, Morgan and Jan go to the gym together every morning. "Training at the gym together with our friends is one of the best parts of the day. The gym feels like a second family." Fiercely competitive, Morgan's goals include out racing Jan one day. She also hopes to be able to do as many pull ups as him. Jan is interested in progressing in calisthenics, learning jiu-jitsu and keeping Morgan happy.